Wavelength Conversion

APE offers an exceptional conversion range that covers frequency doubling, tripling and quadrupling. All with a modular structure that makes upgrading simple. Also, a version generating the difference frequency (DFG) from two input wavelengths is available.


The HarmoniXX product line is a series of frequency converters for ultrafast lasers. Built as a modular system, it is ideal for Ti:Sapphire lasers as well as many other wavelength ranges, covering Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), Third Harmonic Generation (THG) and Fourth Harmonic Generation (FHG).

The focus is on user-friendliness and a compact design. By featuring a quick exchange of optics, the HarmoniXX devices can be used for a wide pulse duration range, from femtoseconds (fs) to several picoseconds (ps).

All units are optimized for highest conversion efficiency at various laser power levels. They also display minimum pulse broadening while maintaining good spatial beam profile.